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Robotech - Earth of 2015 by Valdulan Robotech - Earth of 2015 by Valdulan
This is the map of the Earth as of 2015 in the Robotech Universe, based on some RPG book and other manuals.

The Earth of 2015 is a devastated world, with about 800 million people (99% of them Humans, 1% of them Zentradi) living there. The remaining, usable territories are divided this way.

1. The United Earth Government Territories: The territories remaining within the grasp of the pre-Robotech War World Government, these territories are the most protected by the RDF and contain most of the remaining Robotechnological installations.

The UEG is the only power which has access to the Robotech Factory Satellite and the only one with the ability to use space technology. It is from the UEG that the REF will be drawn and sent.

The UEG is divided into two types of territories:

A) Member territories: Under clear UEG control, these territories are loyal and are clearly on the road to recovery as of 2015.

B) Claimed territories: These territories are claimed by the UEG, but its presence there is light at best. Many of these territories still border on feudalism and anarchy, and have not yet recovered.

2. Independant Nations: These are nations which have somewhat recovered from the Robotech War, but refuse anything to do with the UEG. These nations have little to no access to Robotechnology. Of these, the E.B.S.I.S is by far the strongest nation, with its military power coming only behind the RDF and the nascent Army of the Southern Cross.

3. Zentradi Control Zones: Although problems with Zentradi hostiles - who followed either Dolza or Khyron, and never joined Breetai's rebel forces - occur through skirmishes and raid throughout most of the world, these zones are clearly under the control of the Zentradi. Although RDF efforts have denied them any space forces, they still have sizable ground forces, many of which are Zentradi soldiers who remain at their original height.

The UEG and the Zentradi Malcontents can thus be seen as the two 'superpowers' on Earth as of 2015. And war is looming on the horizon in the form of the Malcontent Uprisings between the two.
Wisky-08 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014

I wonder what if the SDF-1 was never destroyed
apocalipsis666 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
finally a map for robotech time; it is really to intersting to see the big damage taht was cause by zentraedi
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